Visiting A 127 Year Old Castle – Craigdarroch Castle

The castle of the industrialist’s Robert Dunsmuir, a Scottish immigrant who made his fortune from Vancouver Island coal. Feels like we come back in time visiting this place.

Craigdarroch Castle was Constructed in 1890 – “Craigdarroch” means “rocky, oak place” in Gaelic.



Robert and Joan Dunsmuir had two sons, eight daughters and plenty of exploits. The Castle weaves a fascinating tale of this intriguing family – their achievements, their relationships and even their quirks.





Built by coal baron Robert Dunsmuir during the reign of Queen Victoria and now a National Historic Site, Craigdarroch Castle has been meticulously restored, giving visitors a glimpse of privileged life in the 1890s.






The immense fortune of the Dunsmuir family is reflected in the four floors of exquisite stained glass windows, intricate woodwork and fabulous Victorian-era furnishings.



File:Craigdarroch Castle Stained glass.jpg

Craigdarroch Castle (Victoria BC) stained glass windows

File:Craigdarroch Castle Stained glass 1.jpg

Craigdarroch Castle (Victoria BC) stained glass windows

File:Craigdarroch Castle Billiards Room.jpg

Billiards room on an upper floor

How to cut cat nails

Image result for cat nails trimNail cutting time! Trimming our cat’s nails using a regular nail cutter. Make sure to only cut the very sharp tip of their nails as they have small quicks that you may accidentally cut and hurt your cat.

Once you’re done, make sure to give them treats so they’re always happy whenever it’s Nail Cutting Time!


Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Sukiyaki Bibimbap

Wow this is a must try! The sizzling bowl, the aroma, the sweet and salty sauce, the tender beef and right amount of spice! What’s not to love? If you love meat, you can even get this with extra meats for that extra flavour and it’s only $1.50+ extra. This is one of our favourite food here. We’ll sure to come back for more!


Tekken 7 All Girls Voices

00:00 – Anna Williams

01:04 – Nina Williams

01:56 – Lili

02:49 – Ling Xiaoyu

03:20 – Katarina Alves

04:07 – Leo Kliesen

04:55 – Alisa Bosconovitch

05:47 – Lucky Chloe

06:46 – Asuka Kazama

07:28 – Kazumi Mishima

08:26 – Josie Rizal

09:28 – Master Raven

10:03 – Eliza

11:14 – Christie Monteiro

11:40 – Zafina

12:27 – Julia Chang

We’re missing Jun Kazama, Kunimitsu, Angel, Miharu and Unknown since they don’t have intros and win pose voices.

Final Fantasy X-2 True Ending

Now with an understanding of Shuyin’s hatred for war, Yuna manages to return to the surface, and the Gullwings organize a concert to which everyone in Spira is invited, supporters of the Youth League and New Yevon alike. Additionally, the Songstress dressphere worn by Yuna is revealed to hold Lenne’s memories, resulting in a sphere screen projecting them to everyone in attendance during the concert. Witnessing images of Shuyin and Lenne’s last moments, Spira’s citizens begin to understand the unproductive nature of their disagreements. The player then learns that it was because of Lenne’s memories that Shuyin had mistaken Yuna for Lenne.

Although the factional fighting has ceased, Shuyin has nearly carried out his plan to destroy Spira with Vegnagun. Joining forces with the Leblanc Syndicate once again, the Gullwings make their way to the Farplane and find Gippal and Nooj already battling Vegnagun. Working together, they manage to disable the giant machina before its cannon can fire at Spira. Finally confronting Shuyin, Lenne’s consciousness emerges from the Songstress dressphere and convinces him to abandon his mission and be at peace. Thanking Yuna, Lenne guides Shuyin’s spirit to peace on the Farplane.

Subsequently, the fayth once located in Bevelle appears before Yuna and thanks her as well. He then asks her if she would like to see “him” again. If the player replies with “Yes”, and a sufficient percentage of the game’s optional storyline has been completed, the fayth locates Tidus’s scattered pyreflies and sends them to Besaid, where they reform; thus, when Yuna returns home, she is reunited with Tidus. Players who achieve 100% completion in addition to reviving Tidus will see an additional reunion scene in Zanarkand where the pair discuss whether he is truly real or still a dream.

My FFX-2 Trophies:

Story Complete Yuna and Tidus Perfect Ending

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