Tomb Raider: Legend – Bolivia – The Looking Glass

Coouge Tomb Raider Legend Gameplay

• Tomb Raider: Legend – Bolivia – The Looking Glass

Lara arrives in Bolivia with the assembled Excalibur and make it clear to Amanda and Rutland’s men that “everyone between me and that stone dies”. Lara has to first take care of the mercenaries around and then defeat the Amanda Entity.

“It’s time to return to Bolivia and finally learn what these ancient artifacts can do. Amanda must want to activate the stone dais as well. Perhaps she knows its purpose, or only thinks she does. The dais functioned only briefly, and in that time I found one answer and a dozen more questions. Most maddening of all is Amanda. It’s impossible to separate the truth she knows from the nonsense she believes. Only time will tell.”
–Lara Croft

Copyright © Square Enix Ltd. Lara Croft and Tomb Raider are trademarks of Square Enix Ltd. All Rights Reserved


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