Tomb Raider: Underworld – Mediterranean

Coouge Tomb Raider Underworld Gameplay

• Tomb Raider: Underworld – Mediterranean

– The Path to Avalon
Having been told by Professor Eddington, a close friend of Lara’s father, that Richard Croft believed that the entrance to Avalon was beneath the Mediterranean Sea, Lara travels there to investigate. After talking to Zip and Alister on her laptop, with Alister expressing his doubts about Lara’s mother being alive, Lara dives to the bottom of the sea. Here she finds three submerged ruins, two small side ruins and one tower ruin. In all the ruins Lara will find wheel-handles to a portal-puzzle in the tower ruin. When she places them in the portal, she can rotate the three section to open the portal. Lara swims on through this tunnel, where a tentacle is hanging through a gap ahead. When Lara gets near this tentacle, it snaps back and retreats through the ruin. (This is later revealed to be the tentacle of a Kraken) Lara carries on through the ruin until it opens up into an open area. Lara climbs around the wall here until she reaches a set of carvings on the wall in front of her. Lara believes these carvings to be of early Germanic design, before deciphering them as Land of The Mist: Niflheim, the Norse underworld. “Not Avalon exactly, but the Norse equivalent” muses Lara, before continuing through the ruins.

– Niflheim
After deciphering the ruins back in The Path to Avalon, Lara comes across a giant Kraken blocking the path ahead. “Lovely” says Lara while recording the Kraken. After exploring the ruins, Lara comes across two gears with tentacles intertwined in them. By activating the gears, Lara climbs up to a platform above the Kraken. She raises the platform and grapples to an alcove ahead. She pulls a lever and shoots a weak link in the chain holding the platform, causing it to fall on the Kraken, killing it. Lara climbs down and proceeds through the newly unblocked doors.

– The Norse Connection
After beating the Kraken Lara enters the inner sanctum of the temple. Here she finds two pressure plates that secure the bolts of the door to the chamber with Thor’s gauntlet. Before Lara can return to the ship with the artefact, she is attacked by a group of mercenaries and robbed.

– God of Thunder
Having had Thor’s Gauntlet stolen from her by Amanda’s Mercenaries, Lara races to the surface to reach Amanda’s ship. Having retraced her route through Niflheim, she reaches her yacht and sails it to the nearby ship.

– Realm of the Dead
After meeting with Jacqueline Natla in the cargo hold of Amanda Evert’s freighter Lara has to escape from the sinking ship.

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