Tomb Raider: Underworld – Southern Mexico

Coouge Tomb Raider Underworld Gameplay

• Tomb Raider: Underworld – Southern Mexico

– The Unnamed Days
After returning home to retrieve the second of Thor’s Gauntlets and to find Odin’s Map, both placed there by her father, Lara follows the trail to Mexico to search for Thor’s Belt.

– Xibalba
It’s unclear whether Xibalba was thought to be a supernatural afterlife or a city of people who worshipped death. Commonly believed to have been in Guatemala, it appears Xibalba is farther to the northwest than previously thought. If the pattern of Thor’s artifacts giving rise to local underworld myths hold, then I might find things akin to the thrall tigers my father brought back from Bhogavati, Thailand.

– The Midgard Serpent
After opening the gate to Xibalba in the previous level, Lara arrived in a large chamber with the Lords of Xibalba after overcoming a series of pits with ramps in the passages. She will spend most time with opening the portal guarded by the Lords. In order to do that she first has to turn them to face outwards. This opens a series of doors leading into four side chambers, the Rattling House, the Razor House, the Flame House and the Jaguar House. In each of these houses Lara has to retrieve a key which has to be inserted into the Great Seal in the middle of the court with the Lords. After that she can move the Lords inwards and use the two pressure plates to open the portal.

– Land of the Dead
Having collected Thor’s Belt Lara needs to exit the Maya underworld and return to the real world.

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