Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Spyro the Dragon – Dream Weavers World

This core world is home to the elusive Dream Weavers, the creators of dreams and sworn enemies of nightmares. Living atop a series of floating islands high above the clouds, the Dream Weavers have built elaborate castles and temples on the grassy knolls, as well as crystallized structures for resting, playing, and practicing their arts. Many pools of water confusingly fall up instead of down, swirling in a circle where they collect. The sky is a plethora of colors, constantly changing with the clouds as they pass by. Sparkling funnels of air carry passengers to each island safely, but watch out for the Fools. The Dream Weavers put up with them, but the stupid little creatures love to act stupid and knock things—or people—over the sides of the floating islands.

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