Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Spyro the Dragon – Haunted Towers

The Haunted Towers subworld is actually another marvelous castle of the Dream Weavers world, who I’m sure by now you just looooove castles. With blue, white, and gold stones to create their homes with, the Dream Weavers have turned Haunted Castle into just about the perfect castle among all castles in their world. The courtyard, if it could be called one, is more like a dump site for a bunch of steel-forged knight armors, that aren’t so unoccupied now as they use to be… With the power of reanimating magic, the knight suits have now become living guardians of the castle, and can even give an adult dragon some problems in combat. There are archways spanning the length of the smaller islands orbiting the castle, as well as plenty of stairs and rooms inside the castle for many dragons, not to mention the occasional fairy kiss on the head, awarded to Spyro for saving the fairy from the steel-forged knight armor. Haunted Towers is more like a comfortable getaway than a site for paranormal activity…though the bumps and strange noises in the castle at night beg to differ…


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