Anime and Video Game Character Figures

Japanese anime and video game figures are fun to collect but also very expensive and they are prone to getting bootlegged, so buy carefully.
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We really love Digimon when we were kids, and I always wanted to have Digimon toys but they barely exist. Now there are different kinds of limited Digimon figures released over the years and they get really expensive past. If you don’t pre-order, the price can suddenly change after it gets released. A $100 figure can go up to $300 – $500 once they’re sold out.

Digimon GEM Series
Angewomon and Hikari
Lilimon and Mimi
Angemon and Takeru

We bought all the new Digimon figures but we’re still waiting for GEM to release Sora and Birdramon, Joe and Ikakumon, and Koushiro and Kabuterimon. Not sure why they skipped them but they’re still part of the team, so I was hoping a few months from now, we’ll get to see them get released.

Figure Collection

After a while, we’ve ended up buying more figures from the anime and video games that we love, like Tekken, Hatsune Miku, Animal Crossing, Zelda and a Promised Neverland.

Hatsune Miku Figure

We ordered Anna Williams and Nina Williams on eBay a few years ago. It’s really rare to see Tekken figures, especially the Williams sisters.

Anna Williams Figure
Nina Williams Figure
The Promised Neverland Figures Norman, Emma and Ray

We got them all from Amazon. We got Emma first, then we bought Norman and Ray a week later. Norman arrived but Ray got lost in transit. So we had to order Ray again. Luckily, Amazon gave us a refund since it came with a tracking number and we’re able to prove our case.

When Animal Crossing got released on Nintendo Switch, we got hooked and enjoyed the game so much, that we wanted to get all the animal crossing character figures. Most of the good Animal Crossing figures are the Amiibos. They’re pretty difficult to find these days and some sell for a really hefty price. A new Timmy & Tommy Nook amiibo would cost between $80 – $300. And you still have to make sure that you don’t get an open box or a bootlegged product, so read the reviews and contact the seller before you buy.

Link and Animal Crossing

And then there are these really rare figures of attractive male anime characters. For some reason, you will only see attractive female anime figures but not males. But since the world is changing and everyone is becoming more open and accepting of others, we’re seeing more attractive male figures now as well.

Eren Yaeger Pop Up Parade
Inosuke Hashibira Banpresto
Link and Naruto
Inosuke Hashibira Pop Up Parade

I’m looking forward to seeing more attractive male figures in the future. Eren Yaeger already has his own figure wearing nothing. You can Google it, but I warned you, it’s not for everyone to see, but you can watch a previous version of that figure here:

Eren Yeager looks in the mirror deluxe figure

What kind of anime and video game characters are you looking forward to seeing in the future? Leave a comment below and share what anime figures you have.


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