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Anna Williams Slaps in Tekken

One of the most iconic Anna Williams move in Tekken is her slap. She slaps so fast and hard, she sends her enemies flying.
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Hey there, do you know Anna Williams from the Tekken video game series? No? Well, let me introduce you to her.

Anna Williams Slaps Nina Williams

Anna is a highly skilled assassin, and the younger sister of the game’s main protagonist, Nina Williams. But let’s talk about her infamous grab move called “Losing Face” (2+4).

Anna Williams Slaps Ling Xiaoyu
Anna Williams Slaps Lucky Chloe

This move is a real slap in the face, both literally and figuratively. Anna grabs her opponent’s head with both hands and slaps them across the face.

Anna Williams Slaps Josie Rizal
Anna Williams Slaps Katarina Alves

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt! But hey, it’s not just about causing damage. The move is also designed to humiliate and demean her opponent, leaving them stunned and vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Anna Williams Slaps Alisa Bosconovitch
Anna Williams Face Slaps Lidia Sobieska

It’s like Anna’s saying, “Oh, you thought you were tough? Let me show you who’s the boss here.” It’s no wonder why Anna is known for being ruthless and seductive in the game.

Anna Williams Slaps Kazumi Mishima
Anna Williams Slaps Kunimitsu

But let’s not forget that this move is also effective at interrupting an opponent’s attack and can set up some seriously sick combos.

Anna Williams Slaps Asuka Kazama
Anna Williams Slaps Eliza

So, if you ever find yourself facing off against Anna, watch out for her “Losing Face” move.

Anna Williams Slaps Leo
Anna Williams Slaps Lili

And if you’re not careful, you might just end up losing more than just your face – like your pride and dignity. Now that’s what I call a real knockout move!

Anna Williams Slaps Master Raven
Anna Williams Slaps Zafina

You can watch the action on the YouTube video below. Unfortunately, Julia Chang did not make the cut.

Anna Williams Losing Face 2+4 (or f+2+4)

So what’s your next grab move from Tekken? By the time of this writing, Anna Williams hasn’t been announced for Tekken 8. Will she ever come back?


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