Anno 1800 game will make you happy and here’s why!

Anno 1800
Why Anno 1800 is a game you should definitely try playing. It's a beautiful game and a lot of people should enjoy it!
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Brings out your inner creativity

If you’re creative and enjoy and managing your city, you will enjoy this game.
I have been playing this game since its released and it just keeps getting better. The developer listens to their customers. They have a very active community on reddit and discord as well.

What I like about this game is the production system. It may be complicated at first but once you understand the mechanics of the game, I’m sure you will enjoy it, too! It’s basically like a hierarchy system where you need specific items to creative the final product.

You will become interested about the Industrial Revolution

I didn’t think the industrial revolution era would be interesting, but since playing this game, I started to buy books and started watching documentaries about that era. It is very interesting.

The game is just simply beautiful to not play!

In Anno 1800, you basically write your own story. You start your village. Watch it grow into a metropolis. Negotiate with other nations. Form alliances etc. The game has amazing music! You will fall in love with the music. For me personally I enjoy the In the Belly of the Beast.

I am looking forward what 2022 will bring to Anno 1800. There’s already A LOT of addition since it’s initial release and the game just keeps getting better and better!

I love this game SO MUCH that I even made a mini trailer. I will probably make something similar in the future. I hope you enjoy the video as well.


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