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LGBTQ in Horizon Forbidden West

Wekatta is a transgender woman character in Horizon Forbidden West. The Tenakth tribe appears to have a lot of LGBTQ characters in them.

Defending Jacob Season 2

Defending Jacob Season 2 release date, trailers, storyline and cast. Are we going to see Season 2 get announced soon?

Eren Yeager Pop Up Parade Figure

Attack On Titan Eren Yeager figure looks amazing, but people don’t like his face. I think it looks fine in person. What do you think?

husbant, now we are homeress meme

Mogusa Shirose is your waifu… you are husbant… You buy too much video gamu no jobbu. Hasubant, now we are homeress.

In or On prepositions

When should you use in or on in a sentence? Try this quiz to test your English grammar. Learn English by practicing your grammar.

Hyundai IONIC 5 in Canada

Ultra-modern electric vehicle, the Hyundai IONIQ 5. Electric Vehicles are in demand in Canada and you have to be on a waiting list to get one.