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Marutama Ramen in Vancouver Canada

One of the best things in life are delicious foods! This amazing ramen from Marutama is just so mouth watering. The broth is oh so divine!

Costco Chicken Tenders and Fries

Have you been to Costco and tried their chicken tenders and fries? If you ever go to Costco, try their chicken tenders.

Tim Hortons Donuts Menu with Pictures

We love Tim Hortons donuts, but sometimes we forget the name of the donuts and what they look like. So here’s some donuts with pictures.

We tried the NEW Tim Hortons Timbiebs!

The new Tim Hortons Timbiebs taste just like Justin Bieber! If you’re curious how Justin Bieber would taste like, try the new Timbiebs!

Austin Fish & Chips in Pitt Meadows

You love Fish & Chips? Then you better try Austin Fish & Chips in Pitt Meadows. Can’t get enough of this crispy goodness!

Best Pad Thai in Vancouver

Rice and Noodle in Broadway Street in Downtown Vancouver was the most tastiest and delicious Pad Thai we’ve ever had. So good you must try it.