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How British Women say MICROWAVE

Nigella Lawson: MEE-KRO-WAH-VEH ~ ♫ Is this how they really say microwave in the UK? Or is she just joking? Or maybe just doesn’t know how?

Stepping on a LEGO

Don’t step on a LEGO. It hurts. It hurts so bad that you’ll have nightmares about LEGO. Put it away after playing, or else… LEGO!!!

Turning Red Mei’s drawings

In the new Pixar Animation movie Turning Red, Mei has a secret notebook full of funny drawings. But when her mom sees it, she was surprised!

Talking Egg Life Quote

A talking egg was fine but not really fine but the egg just can’t get into it because no one would understand.

Teletubbies is AMONG US?

If you remove the heads of the Teletubbies, they look like characters from Among US! Maybe there’s a backstory behind it?

God, please Roblox World

Babies can now wish for a world they wanted to be born into by just asking God! Will the baby actually get what they actually wanted?

We must come together

Remember the Trump I’m Gonna Come meme? Now Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders joins the party! They can all come together now.

God, please not China or Russia!

God, please baby memes are trending on YouTube and it’s hilarious. A baby wishing not to be born in a Country gets born in the worse Country.