Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Spyro the Dragon – Dark Passage

Dark Passage is a maze of floating mountains with tunnels, caverns, and caves carved into their sides. The marble stone archways and floors are about the only beauty here, for the inside of these eerie tunnels are usually pitch black with scarcely-placed lanterns. The magic here is almost suffocating, for anything that steps into the sable night tunnels can become twisted and formed into something terrifying. The Fools here are much different than the rest in Dream Weavers. They have been charged with taking care of the lights in the many caves, using a lantern. They will turn them on and off in a constant pattern, unless you use your fire breath on them, in which case they turn into a lamp for a short period of time. The central area is a giant pit with a large walkway spanning its distance. Don’t fall off, for the bottom is carved out and will deliver you all the way down into an endless abyss.

The Fools in this area hold lanterns. When the lantern is lit, the enemies, which are simple dogs and turtles, are small. When the light goes out, they turn into monstrous creatures. The dogs turn into giant red creatures that will eat Spyro in a similar manner to the plants in Misty Bog. The turtles grow larger, and spit out fireballs.