Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Spyro the Dragon – Gnasty Gnorc

“You’re toast, Gnorc!”
—Spyro the Dragon

The final boss, Gnasty focuses on keeping his distance by running and using thieves as an advantage. Here, all of the junk has been made into a large walkway around a Gnorc-made lake, with two entrances to a lava chamber and a maze of tunnels. Hint/Note: Gnasty runs fast for his size, so skip by holding down X and square to catch up to him.

In the lava chamber, the platforms are gradually receding. If the player does not move fast enough, they will reach the last platforms too late and will not be able to land. They will then fall to their death in the lava which results in starting from the beginning of the level. An alternative way of Spyro’s death is when Gnasty Gnorc uses his wand to zap Spyro four times.