Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Spyro the Dragon – Jacques

Jacques is made up of multiple, volcanic, floating islands. The ground here is made up of rock with grass growing on the top of it. Some of the ground is elevated, making normal entrance impossible, so the only way up to these parts are by solving the tricky puzzles of the Clock Fools who cowardly run to escape. These will raise pedestals, but hurry up! These pedestals will retract back down if you’re too slow! The other population of this realm are nightmarish monsters that are protecting the realm with all they’ve got. Hidden in the mountains is a secret passage where a dragon named Unika was trapped. Here clock fools are once again are at their trickery, but this time they activate receding platforms, that leads to Gems. To the left are many pedestals holding Giant Pansies. In other areas of this nightmarish realm are Pansies and Horrors standing on small floating plots of land. Around this realm are castle pieces, with the main part of the structure being the entrance to Jacques’s boss fight.

Jacques’s boss arena is made up of a series of floating platforms that gradually get higher. Were you to fall from one of these platforms, you would hit the lava down below! The background of this realm is dark blue with orange, lava mountains in the skyline