Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Spyro the Dragon – Metalhead

Metalhead is a swamp-like realm with multiple castle pieces around. There are castle towers scattered around the realm, that hold Gems. There’s a hidden moat with rock walls and walkways. The moat holds green swamp water. This moat has a few grates preventing moving forward, but one grate is broken however, making entrance through this grate, to a secret area possible. Through this broken grate will lead to a small castle that holds gems, and a whirlwind. This whirlwind leads to the most elevated castle tower in the realm, making it possible to Glide to the other towers. Most of the ground in this realm is covered with grass.

At the end of the regular path, there will be an entrance to a big castle on the left. This castle is the area where Spyro fights Metalhead, but in the pathway to Metalhead is Sadiki. The first room where Spyro fights Metalhead is made out of stone, and resembles the inside of a castle. After all of Metalhead’s power poles are destroyed, the robot will run to the next room with power poles. The hallway to the next room is covered in dark rock, and resembles a cave. The next room where Metalhead is fought, is a massive, cave-like area. The walls are made up of jagged, dark rock, and the floors are made out of stone. Metalhead is standing in front of a castle entrance, and there is a waterfall. The floors are surrounded by swamp water. Once Metalhead is defeated, Spyro will be able to enter the castle Metalhead was in front of. The end of the level is in here.

The background of this realm is dark and cloudy.