Tomb Raider: Legend – England – King Arthur’s Tomb

Coouge Tomb Raider Legend Gameplay

• Tomb Raider: Legend – England – King Arthur’s Tomb

Following a map on the back of a shield uncovered in the last level, Lara travels to a now-derelict tacky King Arthur tourist attraction in Cornwall. She ventures into the catacombs below to uncover the tomb of King Arthur and the realization that the myth of the Court of Camelot was actually true. She battles a sea-serpent like creature and some mercenaries on her way out.

“The map on the knight’s shield leads to a site that claims to have unearthed King Arthur’s grave, a distinction also claimed by countless others. But this particular site meant something to a knight one thousand years ago, so it may mean something to me.”
–Lara Croft