Tomb Raider: Legend – Nepal – The Ghalali Key

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• Tomb Raider: Legend – Nepal – The Ghalali Key

Lara travels to Nepal in search of the key that would put back together Excalibur. The relic sits inside the old plane wreck – the very one that crashed when Lara was young. On her way to the crash site Lara notices that Rutland’s men are still following her and are trying to get their hands on the Ghalali Key. After Lara retrieves the artifact, she confronts the baddies and makes her way to a forgotten temple. The doors to the temple appear to be locked, but the heroine manages to throw them open, and inside she finds a piece of Excalibur.

“The key to restoring Excalibur is also the relic my mother prized most, innocently given to her by my father in Ghana to replace the pendant she lost there. Once again I am compelled to go into my own past.”
–Lara Croft