Tomb Raider: Legend – Peru – Return to Paraíso

Coouge Tomb Raider Legend Gameplay

• Tomb Raider: Legend – Peru – Return to Paraíso

Lara returns to the site of an unfortunate accident many years ago during her university days. We get to see how this happens by playing as a teenage Lara in a flashback. Lara also uncovers a fragment of the sword and learns of the first of many connections to Arthurian legend that she will encounter during this adventure. The mystery of Amanda is also solved. Lara finds an unlaced tennis shoe that belonged to Amanda. Later while speaking to Anaya, she says, “I never imagined she could have survived.”

“Rutland implied a connection between the stone dais and the ruin near Paraíso. I hope Anaya will meet me there despite it all. We may not find anything besides a dozen corpses, Amanda’s among them, but I have to know for certain.”
–Lara Croft