Tomb Raider: Underworld – Coastal Thailand

Coouge Tomb Raider Underworld Gameplay

• Tomb Raider: Underworld – Coastal Thailand

– Remnants
Following the hints given to her by Jacqueline Natla Lara travels to the west coast of Thailand, in search of ruins her father explored before her.

– Bhogavati
Lara has reached the area from where she can get to the Hindu underworld, the Bhogavati.

– The Ancient World
Discovering the powers of Thor’s gauntlet, Lara manages to open a massive stone gate. In the inner chamber she finds a pedestal similar to the one where she found the first gauntlet in the Mediterranean. It is empty. Lara discovers traces of a map that has been once located above the entrance but has been destroyed. Carved into the pedestal’s surface she finds a message left by her father, reading “Natla, I see your goals and am your puppet no longer. RJC”, which leads Lara back home to the tomb of her grandfather.

– Puppet No Longer
With the plan to return to her boat Lara exits the central chamber. When she passes the gate, Thor’s Gauntlet powers down fully drained of energy.