Chrono Cross HD Remaster All Character Skills

Chrono Cross HD Remaster has been leaked and it's currently in the works. Are we going to see Chrono Cross Remaster in 2021?
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There’s a rumor going around the internet that Square Enix is currently working on remastering Chrono Cross along with other games like Final Fantasy IX, etc. To most people, Chrono Cross is a game that brings so much nostalgia, mostly from its amazing music. The gameplay of Chrono Cross is nothing special, and I think Square Enix should take the time to fix it before releasing the remastered version.

Dash and Slash

I remember playing this game back in high school, and even though I’ve already played a lot of games, I still get lost in Chrono Cross. The main issue is that there’s no indication where you should go next, what mission you are in, etc. If you stopped playing for a while and get back in the game, you’ll have no idea what’s going on.

Hot Shot

The characters are pretty amazing though. For a PSone game, the textures and details are really good and the animations are very impressive. Too bad some characters can only be acquired in some parts of the game and some will disappear.


One thing they can add in the remastered version is a local and online multiplayer mode, where you can assign the characters with different controllers, just like Final Fantasy IX back in the day. Even though it’s a turn based RPG, I think some people will still appreciate having a multiplayer option.

Maiden Heart

I also think they can improve the map, have the option to show or hide hints and maybe add some new dungeons unrelated to the main story. A dungeon where there are really high level monsters and difficult challenges.

Forever Zero

New side quests should be added as well. Since they’re only remastering the game, while they’re on it, they should also add some new side quests where you can achieve more experience points, new items and new equipments.

Web Surfer

Regardless, I think a remaster of Chrono Cross would still be amazing to see. It won’t be for everyone, but I hope more people will discover this game and it’s amazing music.


What do you think of Chrono Cross Remaster? Are you going to pre-order it? Would you like to see some improvements or should it stay the same as it was? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

You can watch the Chrono Cross All Character Skills video here:


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stop this clickbait garbage, there is no HD remaster in the works and even if there would be one SquareEnix has proven not even once that their so called remasters are trash and the only one who can actually make a proper remaster is the fanbase community

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