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Donald Trump I’m Gonna Come Meme Compilation

Remember this Donald Trump I'm gonna come meme? Here's more in this come-pilation!
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Oh boy, let me tell you about this hilarious and oh-so-memorable moment involving the one and only Donald Trump and Kamala Harris! You might recall the infamous “Kamala Harris Do not come” and “Donald Trump says I’m gonna come” memes that had everyone laughing their socks off (pun totally intended)!

So picture this: a zoom meeting spoof created by the genius minds over at Coouge (yeah, they know how to tickle our funny bones). They took clips of Vice President Kamala Harris and former President Donald Trump and mashed them up into this epic parody video. And let me tell you, it’s pure comedy gold!

Donald Trump with Kamala Harris

Now, let’s dive into the origins of these viral memes. Back in the early days of 2020, Kamala Harris, the feisty senator at the time, issued a warning to migrants, telling them not to come to the United States. She made it crystal clear that the border was closed for business and they wouldn’t be able to waltz right in. Little did she know that her stern words would turn into an internet sensation! People on social media couldn’t resist taking her serious statement and adding their own hilarious captions to it. I mean, who doesn’t love a good meme, right?

Donald Trump with Boris Johnson

And then we have Donald Trump, the man of boldness and confidence, who was never shy about making grandiose promises and declarations. This guy had a knack for saying exactly what was on his mind, no matter how outrageous it might sound. And that’s where the “I’m gonna come” meme comes into play. It’s a nod to his audacious and often boastful approach to everything, be it politics or his personal life. Trust me, this meme had folks chuckling for days!

Donald Trump and Kamala Harris on the Big Screen

Now, what’s so great about these memes is that they offer a lighthearted way for people to express their thoughts on political matters. They become a sort of virtual soapbox where individuals can make their opinions known while having a good laugh at the same time. It’s like a win-win situation!

Political Compass Meme

But let’s shift gears and talk about our girl Kamala Harris, who has been making quite the splash in the news and social media lately. There was this moment during a recent speech where she told migrants not to come to the US, and boy, did that catch everyone’s attention! News outlets couldn’t resist asking her if she would be visiting the border, and let me tell you, her response was a bit… awkward. She paused, laughed, and then repeated herself, saying she had been to the border and that they were going to the border. But hey, let’s not forget, she hasn’t been to Europe! Cue the collective chuckles from the audience.

Donald Trump “I’m gonna come!” ~ Compilation

Joe Biden: Joe Biden said come.

Kamala Harris: Do not come.

Kamala Harris: Do not come.

Donald Trump: I’m Gonna Come.

Boris Johnson: Yes!

Boris Johnson: He did score!

Bernie Sanders: We must come together.

Boris Johnson: He did score!

Boris Johnson: Fantastic!

Donald Trump: Ohh!

– Donald Trump “I’m gonna come!” ~ Compilation

So there you have it, folks! The world of politics never fails to provide us with some prime meme material. Whether it’s Kamala Harris urging migrants not to come or Donald Trump boldly declaring “I’m gonna come,” these memes have brought joy and laughter to our lives. They serve as a reminder that even in the serious and sometimes chaotic world of politics, we can find moments of hilarity and share a good old belly laugh together. Now go forth and spread the meme love, my friends!


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