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Family Guy as an 80’s Sitcom

What if Family Guy was created in the 80's? What would they look like? Here's a funny and creepy pictures of the Griffins!
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Once upon a time, in the quaint town of Quahog, Rhode Island, lived the Griffin family. Peter, the father, worked as a shoe salesman and spent his free time watching television and drinking beer with his best friend, Brian the dog. Lois, the mother, was a stay-at-home mom who loved to cook and take care of her family.

Peter Griffin and Lois Griffin

Their children, Chris, Meg, and Stewie, were all growing up in the ’80s. Chris was a typical teenager who loved playing video games and listening to music. Meg, the middle child, was often overlooked and bullied at school. Stewie, the baby of the family, was a genius who spent his days building gadgets and scheming to take over the world.

One day, Peter decided to take his family on a trip to the mall to buy some new clothes. At the mall, they ran into their neighbour, Glenn Quagmire, who convinced Peter to buy a new pair of acid-washed jeans. Lois was not impressed with Peter’s new fashion choice and the two got into a big argument.

Chris Griffin and Meg Griffin

Feeling embarrassed, Peter decided to go to the arcade to play some games and clear his head. While at the arcade, he ran into his old high school friend, Cleveland Brown. The two of them had a great time playing games and catching up.

Meanwhile, Lois took the kids to the food court for a bite to eat. Meg was excited to finally be able to buy a new outfit at the mall, but her excitement was short-lived when a group of popular girls made fun of her clothes.

Stewie Griffin and Brian Griffin

Feeling defeated, Meg went to find her brother Chris for comfort. Chris, who had a crush on one of the popular girls, decided to stand up for his sister and got into a fight with the girls.

Stewie, who had been busy building a robot at the mall, came to the rescue and chased the girls away with his robot. The Griffin family then went home, feeling victorious and happy to have each other’s support.

The end.

Family Guy as an 80’s Sitcom


It seems today
That all you see
Is violence and movies
And sex on TV
But where are those good old fashioned values
On which we used to rely?
Lucky there's a family guy
Lucky there's a man who positively can do
All the things that make us
Laugh and cry
He's a family guy!

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