Final Fantasy XII All Espers, Quickenings and Concurrences

Compared to any previous in the Final Fantasy series, the Zodiac Age Espers needs more recognition. They're cool, amazing design and powerful.
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One of the most impressive features of most Final Fantasy games is the summoned Eidolons, Aeons and Espers. They slowly show up as the game progress, and some won’t even appear unless you search for them. Most of them are powerful in their own way, and some of us use them just to see their amazing animation and secret moves, their deathblows.

In Final Fantasy XII, the main characters also got their own deathblows called Quickenings.

Character Quickenings

Feral Strike – Fran aggressively punches the enemies multiple times until they explode.

Fran – Feral Strike

Whip Kick – Fran kicks really fast, causing sharp shockwaves slicing the enemy, with the last kick causing an explosion.

Fran – Whip Kick

Shatterheart – Fran uses her magical ability to instantly freeze the enemies, causing a large ice structure before she blows into pieces, crushing her enemies in the process.

Fran – Shatterheart

Nordswain’s Glow – Ashe uses her holy power to burn her enemies with holy light.

Ashe – Nordswain’s Glow

Heaven’s Wrath – Ashe summons dense holy orbs from the heavens to attack her enemies mercilessly.

Ashe – Heaven’s Wrath

Maelstrom’s Bolt – Ashe calls forth a holy Maelstrom to bolt down her enemies.

Ashe – Maelstrom’s Bolt

Intercession – Penelo takes her enemy’s soul and explodes it.

Penelo – Intercession

Evanescence – Penelo spins around collecting spirit orbs that destroy enemies.

Penelo – Evanescence

Resplendence – Penelo dances to stop space and time before she breaks it into nothingness.

Penelo – Resplendence

Red Spiral – Vaan summons the red spiral lasering down the enemy.

Vaan – Red Spiral

White Whorl – Vaan uses holy energy to cause a tornado that destroys everything in its path.

Vaan – White Whorl

Pyroclasm – Vaan uses two fireball that looks similar to firefox and throws them into the enemies causing an explosion.

Vaan – Pyroclasm

Fires of War – Balthier used his brain to conjure bombs and throw them at the enemies.

Balthier – Fires of War

Tides of Fate – Balthier uses magical hand gestures to call forth a big tsunami to hit the enemies.

Balthier – Tides of Fate

Element of Treachery – Balthier uses his brain to duplicate himself into 3 to call a giant meteor to hit the enemies.

Balthier – Element of Treachery

Fulminating Darkness – Basch used dark magic on his enemies, Kamehameha style.

Basch – Fulminating Darkness

Ruin Impendent – Basch punches the 4th dimension, causing reality to shatter with the enemies.

Basch – Ruin Impendent

Flame Purge – Basch summons 12 burning swords to skewer the enemies before exploding.

Basch – Flame Purge

After successfully performing some of these Quickenings, Concurrences will occur that deals non-elemental damage. The more successful combos you get, the higher damage concurrence will appear.


Inferno – 3x Level 1 Quickenings
Cataclysm – 6x Level 1 Quickenings
Torrent – 2x Level 1 Quickenings & 2x Level 2 Quickenings
Windburst – 4x Level 2 Quickenings
Whiteout – 4x Level 3 Quickenings
Ark Blast – 2x Level 1 Quickenings, 2x Level 2 Quickenings & 2x Level 3 Quickenings
Luminescence – 3x Level 1 Quickenings, 3x Level 2 Quickenings & 3x Level 3 Quickenings
Black Hole – 4x Level 1 Quickenings, 4x Level 2 Quickenings & 4x Level 3 Quickenings

Luminescence and Black Hole are really difficult to get as they require 3x to 4x level 1,2 and 3 Quickenings. Even after playing FF12 for more than 100+ hours, I only remember seeing Luminescence and Black Hole probably less than 3 times.

You can watch the 8K 60fps resolution of FF12’s Quickenings, Espers and Concurrences here:


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