Hog Shack Cook House in Richmond

Very tasty BBQ food, big portions, friendly staff clean accommodations. The portions were very filling. The ribs are the right mix of tender and moist, they aren't stewed like you find many places. The pulled pork and the beef dishes are very well done with a good mix of sweet and heat.
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There’s a lot of amazing restaurants here in Greater Vancouver, and if you happen to visit Richmond, don’t forget to visit Hog Shack Cook House, especially if you’re a meat lover.

BBQ Ribs

The ribs are amazing. It’s so tender and very flavorful. You can see and taste the care and effort they put into making it. I’ve tried a lot of different ribs all over Greater Vancouver and I’d say this one is in my Top 10 favourite.

Side of the day: Corn Soup

We finished this soup right away, so good! Not sure exactly what kind of soup it was but since it has some corn, I’ll just call it Corn Soup. It’s so creamy but mild. You’ll taste some hints of vegetables and corn. Very nice side soup.

Corn Bread

All BBQ restaurants should never forget corn bread. When eating beef brisket, ribs, sausages, it should always come with corn bread. It completes the experience of a BBQ place. Oh and it’s delicious.

Smoked Beef Brisket Plate

Fries, chilis, pulled pork, fried onions, BBQ ribs and heaven! If only we live close by, we’ll be here every weekend. It’s so delicious and very filling, so we ended up eating the rest of this feast at home.

Delicious and we get to experience it again in the same day! If you ever visit Vancouver, don’t forget to go to Richmond and try Hog Shack Cook House!


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