Horizon Forbidden West New Attack Moves, Skills, Weapons and Features

Now that we saw the first live gameplay, all I can say was amazing! Worth the wait and now I'm even more excited to play this game.
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I’ve waited for almost 5 hours this morning for this short but wonderful gameplay on YouTube. I was amazed at the graphics, the details and of course, Aloy! She’s one of the main reason why I love Horizon. The game itself was already beautiful, Aloy made it 100x better. Now that she’s back, I can go back to the world of Horizon this year.

Aloy confronting the enemies

Look at the detail of Aloy, it looks like a high quality Pixar movie, similar to a rendered CGI. Now hopefully they focus on creating more side stories, quests and hidden treasures. Also, they should extend the main story since Zero Dawn’s main story felt really short for me.

Would be nice to slowly reveal the map for us, so the excitement doesn’t die right away. I don’t want to see the entire map in the beginning of the game, even though it’s somewhat hidden, seeing the entire map reduces the wow factor.

Aloy swimming underwater

Another great new feature, Aloy can now swim underwater. As if the outside world of Horizon wasn’t beautiful enough, now we can also see the super realistic and vibrant ocean. New machines to encounter as well, so we can also assume Aloy will have underwater weapons as well.

Aloy adding some machine parts to her spear

After seeing this, it reminded me of Sora’s keyblade in Kingdom Hearts 3 where he gains different moves and finishers for each keyblade. I guess Aloy will find machine parts all over the forbidden west that she can attached to her spears to power it up.

Aloy uses adhesive bombs

I guess adhesive bombs will be more useful than the ropecaster since it looks easier to use and can also explode when hit by fire. Can she get this weapon early in the game?

Aloy gliding down

Aloy can glide now. I guess we won’t see her use her dramatic jump using her rope anymore when leaving high places. But at least we can now jump down wherever we want. With this new feature, maybe there will be places in the game where you can only reach while gliding down from high locations.

Aloy using a grappling hook

Spider-woman? Aloy can now use a grappling hook so she can jump and swing around places. New hidden locations to find relics that can only be accessed by grapping across. She’ll beat Lara Croft collecting all those relics.

You can see all the new moves and features from the Horizon Forbidden West gameplay here:

Horizon Forbidden West New Attack Moves, Skills, Weapons and Features


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