OMG Is Humankind the best perfect 4x history game?

My first playthrough in Humankind by Amplitude Studios. Sharing my thoughts about the game and my experience managing different cultures.
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A game worth playing! Welcome to the world of Humankind.

It’s my first time playing this type of game. I heard it’s similar to Civilization.

My customized AI

Before you start your adventure, you can customize your main character AI to your liking. There’s a lot of options to choose from. From hair, make up, eyes, nose etc. There is also a default AI you can choose but you are welcome to customize them, too.

When I purchased the game on Steam, I think I purchased the deluxe edition. I didn’t really know the difference between the regular and the deluxe edition at first. You can check it in settings under add-ons.

In-game add-ons

What you get with the pre-order and deluxe edition are decoration and personalization sets for your player and also the Notre dame cultural wonders. For some reason, I also got the pre-order bonus but I didn’t pre-order the game.

Selecting your competitors

Competitors Screen

You will also have the option to select the numbers of competitors before you start your game. I believe it starts at 4 and you can set it up to 10 competitors max. Each competitor has their own unique traits such as difficulty, personality, etc.

You can also choose the game difficulty. In my experience, the game difficulty affects the resources you get while playing. In this game, I believe I selected the Humankind difficulty. I also set the number of turns to Endless which is 600 turns. The game doesn’t end after the 600th turn though. It just determines who has the most fame points which is the winner of the game.

Humankind Difficulty: As hard as leading the entire human race to the stars. The ultimate, if not endless, challenge.

At first, I was a little bit confused about the mechanics, but after playing for several hours I eventually got used to it. What I like about this game is that it makes you think and carefully plan your moves in every turn.

Beginning your adventure in Humankind with the Nomadic Tribe.

Nomadic Tribe Culture

Nomadic Tribe is basically a group that travels regularly from different places. The goal is to gather as much food as possible to increase your population.

Basically, at this stage of the game you just move around to gather food, fight animals and collecting science. These are required before you can transcend to the next era.

Nomadic Tribe

Gather as much food as possible to grow your tribe. You can group each tribe together. You start off with 1 tribe and as soon as you gather 40 food, you will gain another tribe in that group.

To move on to the next culture, earn at least one era star.

Hunt some animals and collect science scattered all over the world.

If other competitors are faster in getting one era star, they will have the advantage of choosing their desired culture. Once the culture is selected, other players won’t be able to select then so they’ll be forced to select whatever’s available.

Winning in Humankind

After playing for over 60+ hours, I finally won the game with 15k+ Fame points.
I really enjoyed this game. I will play again and try all the other tribes.

In conclusion, I definitely recommend this game. Once you understand the mechanics, you will enjoy it too!


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