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I Identity as a Dog and my pronouns are bow/wow

Why did the dog go to outer space? To visit the poop deck! But no seriously, bow/wow is my new pronouns, bow wow! Just kidding :D
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I Identity as a Dog and my pronouns are bow/wow 🐕 #shorts #identity #pronouns

Once upon a time, there was a man named Coouge who lived in a small village. Coouge was different from others as he firmly believed that he was a dog trapped in a human’s body. He walked on all fours, barked at strangers, and even slept in a dog bed. But no matter what he did, no one in the village believed that he was actually a dog.

One day, the village held a pet show competition and Coouge decided to participate. He dressed up in a dog costume and confidently strutted on stage, wagging his tail. The judges were shocked to see a man dressed as a dog, but Coouge barked, “I am a dog, can’t you see?” But the judges laughed and declared that he couldn’t possibly be a dog.

Dejected, Coouge decided to run away and join a pack of real dogs. He ran through the forest and finally found a pack of wild dogs. He barked at them and to his surprise, they barked back. Coouge was overjoyed and he joined the pack, hunting, barking and playing with them.

Days went by, and the villagers realized that Coouge was missing. They searched the entire village, but to no avail. One day, a villager stumbled upon a pack of wild dogs and was surprised to see Coouge happily playing with them. The villager called for help, and the villagers came to rescue Coouge.

When Coouge returned to the village, he strutted proudly on two legs, but this time, the villagers didn’t laugh. They saw the joy in Coouge ‘s eyes and they finally realized that if Coouge thought he was a dog, then that’s what he was. From that day on, Coouge was no longer an outcast, but a beloved member of the village who was accepted for who he truly believed he was.

The end.


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