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If The Sims 5 was made in Unreal Engine Metahuman

Imagine if The Sims 5 becomes more realistic? It would be a dream come true. It should have realistic sims and high quality house designs.
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The Sims 1 was fun, The Sims 2 improved the game, The Sims 3 opens up the map… The Sims 4 made them look cartoonish and removed a lot of features. Maybe The Sims 5 will be more realistic-looking sims, houses and bigger maps.

If The Sims 5 were made in Unreal Engine MetaHuman, it would likely feature more realistic and detailed character models, as well as more advanced graphics and visuals. Unreal Engine MetaHuman is a new technology that allows developers to create highly detailed and realistic human characters, with realistic skin, hair, and facial expressions. This technology could potentially be used to create more lifelike and believable Sims in The Sims 5, and it could also allow for more complex and dynamic interactions between the Sims and their environment.

Metahuman Female
Metahuman Boy

In addition to improved character models, using Unreal Engine MetaHuman in The Sims 5 could also allow for more advanced and immersive gameplay. The technology could be used to create more realistic and detailed environments, with more dynamic lighting and weather effects. It could also potentially be used to create more complex and realistic AI, allowing the Sims to behave and interact more like real people.

The Sims 5 won’t feel like a children’s game with graphics like this. Even though I know a lot of adults play The Sims 4, it felt like the graphics were downgraded compared to The Sims 3. They also removed the open world, so now your sims are stuck at home and every time you want to go somewhere, the game will load.

The Sims 5 Metahuman Hair Blonde
The Sims 5 Metahuman Hair

Now imagine if The Sims 5 have an open world, ability to switch to first-person and third-person views, and use a controller to control your sims to walk around and interact with other sims and game objects, it will be a huge hit. But we can only hope for the best and expect the worse. And if The Sims don’t do it, maybe some other company will make Human Simulator, or something similar.

If The Sims 5 was made in Unreal Engine Metahuman

While it is not known for certain if The Sims 5 will be made with Unreal Engine’s MetaHuman, the technology has the potential to greatly enhance the game and offer players a more immersive and realistic experience.


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