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Deceased ‘My 600-lb Life’ patients

Obesity is a formidable adversary, one that unfortunately claims lives and leaves a trail of broken hearts in its wake.
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The patients from the TV show ‘My 600-lb Life’ have left behind a painful reminder of the relentless toll that obesity can take. Their stories serve as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of excessive weight and the urgency with which we must address this issue.

If you are battling extreme weight problems, I implore you, my dear friend, to find the courage to seek the assistance you need. Remember, reaching out for help is not an admission of defeat or a sign of weakness; rather, it is an act of bravery and self-care that can empower you to take control of your life.

Henry Foots

Henry Foots, known for his appearance in Season 1 of the show, struggled with obesity and weighed around 750 pounds at the beginning of his journey. Despite his efforts to improve his health, Henry Foots faced significant challenges and complications related to his weight.

Ashley Randall

Ashley Randall died because her body became septic. Before her death, she was battling a severe infection and even contracted pneumonia while being treated at the hospital. Although her passing is both tragic and untimely, we hope that she has found peace and has been reunited with her father.

Laura Perez

Laura was a participant in season 3 of the TLC series and achieved an amazing accomplishment by losing more than 300 pounds. However, it is with great sadness to share that Laura passed away in November 2021 when she was 48 years old.

Sean Milliken

In 2019, Sean Milliken’s father shared the news of his son’s passing on Facebook. Prior to his death, Sean was hospitalized due to an infection and had trouble breathing. The hospital managed to revive him initially, but unfortunately, his heart stopped shortly afterward. Sean was known for his appearance on the show “My 600-lb Life.”

James King

James King’s weight loss journey had a tragic outcome when he passed away on April 3, 2020, at the age of 49. He had made significant progress by losing 340 pounds since his appearance on the show’s “Where Are They Now” segment in 2018. Unfortunately, King’s heart failed after he suffered from liver and kidney problems caused by his weight.

James Bonner

James Bonner was found dead in a ditch with a gunshot wound after posting this message on his Facebook.

He wrote:

“I just want to say thank you to everyone who has shown me love and support throughout my journey, I’ve realized a few things over the last few days and its time that I face my demons head on.
No matter what you change or the efforts you put forth in life, sometimes you just have to take it on the chin and deal with things your own way.
Again, thank y’all so much. Please don’t ever let people you care about not know how you feel…”

He also posted a photo of Robin Williams on his Instagram account along with a meaningful quote:

James ‘L.B.’ Bonner was 30 years old.

Lisa Fleming

Lisa Fleming, who appeared in the TLC series, passed away at the age of 50. She shared on the show that she had faced weight challenges since childhood, which were intensified by her parents’ divorce and the tragic loss of her brother. Additionally, Lisa mentioned that her weight kept increasing after each of her four pregnancies. She peacefully passed away at her home in Texas.

Robert Buchel

Robert Buchel passed away on November 15, 2017, at 41 years old. After living with addiction, he had a heart attack that led to his tragic passing.

Renee Biran

Renee Biran was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a condition that can lead to serious complications such as cardiac arrest, blood clots in the lungs, and bloodstream infection.

Destinee LaShaee

Destinee LaShaee, the first transgender star of My 600-Lb Life, tragically passed away due to mental health struggles and depression.

Kelly Mason

Kelly Mason, who was 41 years old, sadly passed away. She had multiple underlying health issues including type II diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, thyroid problems, a blood clot in her leg, a pulmonary embolism, and heart conditions.

Angela Gutierrez

Angela Gutierrez, who was 49 years old, passed away. It is possible that lymphedema, a condition she had, may have played a role in her passing.

Gina Krasley

Gina Krasley, who was only 30, sadly passed away. She was having trouble walking, dealing with an infection, and battling an eating disorder, so she went to the hospital for help. Sadly, she ended up passing away at her home in Tuckerton.

Coliesa McMillian

After undergoing an operation, Coliesa McMillian sadly passed away. Tragically, her My 600-lb Life episode has been removed from TLC. Following the surgery, Coliesa was hospitalized for nearly a month due to a suture from the procedure bursting. This unfortunate event resulted in her developing sepsis, a severe infection.

Larry Myers Jr.

Larry Myers Jr. tragically passed away at his residence in Houston, Texas. He suffered a heart attack, which proved fatal. It is worth noting that Larry had been grieving the loss of a dear friend before his own untimely demise.

The Devastating Consequences of Obesity

These individuals, whose lives were tragically cut short, serve as a poignant reminder of how obesity can profoundly impact both individuals and their loved ones. The stakes are high, and it is imperative that we confront this challenge head-on.

If you find yourself burdened by the weight of your own struggles, I want to emphasize the importance of seeking help. You are not alone in this battle, and there is a network of support ready to guide you toward a healthier and happier existence.

Asking for assistance demands great strength and vulnerability. It is a courageous decision that reflects your resilience and determination to overcome the obstacles in your path. By acknowledging the need for help, you are prioritizing your well-being and recognizing that no journey toward better health can be traversed successfully in isolation.

Remember, seeking support is not a sign of weakness; rather, it is a testament to your inner fortitude and unwavering commitment to self-improvement.

Overcoming Obesity through Self-Love and Support

Understand that reaching out for help is an act of self-love, affirming that you value your own well-being and deserve a life of improved health and a brighter future. Embrace the fact that by seeking assistance, you are taking charge of your circumstances and actively working toward a better tomorrow.

My 600-lb Life patients who passed away

In the face of the heart-wrenching consequences that obesity can bring, it is crucial that we extend a compassionate hand to those who need it most. If you find yourself burdened by the weight of excess pounds, I urge you to cast aside any feelings of shame or fear and seek the support you deserve. Remember, you are not alone in this struggle.

By reaching out, you embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, and with the help of others, you can conquer obesity, reclaim your health, and rebuild your life. Let the lives lost to this battle serve as a reminder that there is no time to waste—seek help, and let the journey to a healthier you begin today.


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