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Neck Point Park Nanaimo British Columbia

Discover breathtaking beauty and adventure at Neck Point Park, Nanaimo, BC. Explore scenic views, beachfront fun, and peaceful strolls.
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Get ready for an adventure in Neck Point Park! This stunning park in Nanaimo, British Columbia is the perfect blend of natural beauty and outdoor fun. From breathtaking views to crystal-clear waters, this park is a true paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Relaxing Beach

Capture memories to last a lifetime in this perfect Instagram spot! Whether you’re a pro photographer or just love taking pictures, Neck Point Park offers plenty of opportunities for capturing stunning shots.

Family Friendly Park

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and spend some quality time with family and friends at Neck Point Park. This park is a perfect place to relax and unwind, with picnic areas and scenic strolls. Don’t forget to bring your food and drinks to make the most of your time here.

Rocks & Shells

Remember, Neck Point Park is a protected area, so make sure to follow all rules and regulations to keep this beautiful park in its pristine condition. And beware, shellfish in the park can be poisonous, so it’s best to avoid eating them.

Rocky Beach Area

Get ready for some beachfront fun! Neck Point Park is a popular destination for photography and scuba diving, with hiking trails and stunning views.

Forest Trail

Follow the sea trail for a peaceful stroll and be amazed as you pass through a narrow passage to a small island in the sea that looks like ET’s head. The trail then turns into the forest, where you’ll discover many doors in front of trees – these are said to be the spirit’s homes. This amazing world awaits your exploration!

Beach Selfies

This gorgeous little slice of heaven has it all – plenty of hidden nooks and crannies, bays and coves to explore, accessible parking and paved walkways. And the new restrooms, almost complete, will be a great addition! Neck Point Park is a lovely place to wander for an hour or two and soak in the beauty of British Columbia.

Paralytic shellfish are a type of shellfish that can be found in certain areas, including Neck Point Park in Nanaimo, British Columbia. These shellfish contain a toxin called saxitoxin, which can be harmful or even deadly if consumed. The toxin affects the nervous system and can cause symptoms such as paralysis, difficulty breathing, and in severe cases, death.

Shellfish Area Closed

It is important to avoid eating shellfish from Neck Point Park or any other area where the water may be contaminated, as consuming paralytic shellfish can have serious and potentially life-threatening consequences. It is always best to follow local health and safety guidelines and to check with local authorities before consuming any shellfish from an unfamiliar area.

Neck Point Park Nanaimo British Columbia

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