Violent robbers are targeting people reselling their PS5 online

If you plan to sell your PS5, make sure to meet the buyer somewhere safe and public.
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PlayStation 5 sold so fast during its launch day

The PlayStation 5 is almost impossible to find anywhere after its release. Some people bought multiple PS5 in order to sell and make profit.

PS5 being sold on Kijiji with ridiculous price tag

Toronto Police tweeted a Public Safety Alert

Police in Canada are sending warnings to people who plans to sell their new console online.

Toronto Police tweeted

On PS5’s release day, many have waited and tried their luck online. Some even waited overnight just to be first in line. Unfortunately, some websites crashed and restarted some queues.

Online lineup at The Source on PS5 launch day

Within minutes, the PS5 sold out. Some buyers who waited overnight didn’t get the chance to buy one. Even if you already add the PS5 in your cart, if you didn’t make it to checkout in time, you’ll receive an error telling you to try again or it’s sold out.

BestBuy Canada error during the morning PS5 launch

So where did all the PS5 and Xbox Series X go?

And just a few days later, you’ll see people selling their new PS5 and Xbox Series X online on Kijiji, craigslist and Facebook marketplace. Would you call these people smart or greedy?

One guy selling dozens of PS5 and Xbox Series X on Facebook marketplace

With Christmas just around the corner, some people are getting really desperate to get their hands on these new next gen consoles.

A 26 year old guy in Toronto posted his PS5 for sale on Kijiji. As it was in very high demand, it didn’t take long before someone asked to meet him in person. He agreed and when he met the buyer, the man pulled up a gun and demanded to hand the PS5 and fled the scene.

The Toronto Police are now warning people selling their consoles online to make sure to meet in a safe place, bring a friend and let someone know where you’re meeting.

You can check the PS5 on Amazon daily and see if the price will drop.


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