Poy Poy 2 Classic PS1 Game

Poy Poy 2 is a classic PSone game. It brings back so much good and fun memories. It's so rare, I can't believe this game wasn't popular. But I think this was one of the most greatest multiplayer game before!
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We really love this game! My brother and I always play this after school almost everyday when we were younger. It brings back so much good and fun memories. It’s so rare, I can’t believe this game wasn’t popular. But I think this was one of the most greatest multiplayer game before! None of our new friends know this game. So nostalgic. It’s like going back in time! Please enjoy this tournament gameplay all the way from preliminaries all the way to the finals to defeat the hidden boss, Kali.

Poy Poy 2

The gameplay is the same as in Poy Poy, though it features more powers and moves, as well as different characters and arenas. The characters use gloves, each with unique powers to aid gameplay. There are three game modes:

“PoyPoy Cup” is a single player campaign, where the player chooses a character and progresses through tournament stages, earning gold. They can use their winnings to purchase or upgrade gloves, as well as purchase ‘drinks’ which give the player a temporary upgrade for an event. Upon completing the championship multiple times, the player is given the opportunity to face the boss characters. Upgrading gloves requires the player to use that glove’s particular ability a set number of times. Occasionally a dark figure will appear, offering to sell a special glove to the player.

“Party Play” is used for both Single and Multiplayer, where the up to four players (Using AI players to replace any missing slots) can set up a quick battle on whatever stage they choose.

“Team Battle” can only be played with one or two players. The player(s) are made into a two-person team (Using a replacement AI character if only one person is playing) and compete with other AI teams to score as many points as possible. They play seven matches, and when they are finished, a cash bonus is added to the “PoyPoy Cup” gold count.

The players are given points for direct hits (1 point each), collecting ‘lucky’ gold hearts (2 points each), and their finishing position based either on when they died, or their current health. First place gets 12 points, Second place gets 6, Third place gets 4 and Fourth place gets 2.

This is also one of the few PlayStation games that can’t run on a PlayStation 2.

Characters and their gloves list:

Harry – Chase – Wave Arrow| Health:170 Psycho Power:170 Speed:80

Bubba – Magic – Vanisher| Health:188 Psycho Power:180 Speed:68

Joey – Hop – Escape| Health:145 Psycho Power:190 Speed:90

Poison – Hail – Aurora| Health:162 Psycho Power:160 Speed:76

Arnold – Hurricane – Twister| Health:219 Psycho Power:190 Speed:74

Kage – Star – Star Force| Health:185 Psycho Power:170 Speed:95

Kool – Crush – Acid Rain| Health:178 Psycho Power:220 Speed:74

D.D – Teleporter – Flicker| Health:199 Psycho Power:230 Speed:84

Deco – Electro – Mind Zap| Health:151 Psycho Power:180 Speed:90

Ten Ten – Angel – Maid| Health:167 Psycho Power:220 Speed:84

Bull – Hammer – G.Hammer| Health:200 Psycho Power:170 Speed:75

Apache – Fire – Hellfire| Health:185 Psycho Power:260 Speed:80

Shane – Psychowhip – Psycho Lasso| Health:193 Psycho Power:200 Speed:75

Cutey – Ice – Omega Ice| Health:160 Psycho Power:250 Speed:80

Yamada – Storm – Shocker| Health:235 Psycho Power:140 Speed:70

Sanpey – Knife – Flash Wall| Health:150 Psycho Power:300 Speed:65

Despite each character having recommended gloves to use, the player is free to choose whichever they like. These are additional options:
Bomb – Super Bomb
Seeker – Holy
Shout – Quake
Hunter – Falcon
Poison – Crazy
Thunder – Rainbow

As well as these standard gloves, there are also special gloves that cannot be used in “PoyPoy Cup” mode, and are unlocked in-game. These include:

Dwarf Gas
Dark Zone
Hyper Dwarf
Lucky x2

Poy Poy 2 for PlayStation One 1998

Poy Poy 2 Grass Stage

Poy Poy 2 Moai Stage

Poy Poy 2 Ice Stage

Poy Poy 2 Sand Stage

Poy Poy 2 Park Stage

Poy Poy 2 Shock Stage

Poy Poy 2 Blast Stage

Poy Poy 2 Warp Stage

Poy Poy 2 Sky Cube Stage

Poy Poy 2 Moon Stage

Poy Poy 2 Channel Poy! Poy!

Poy Poy 2 Stage Killers

Poy Poy 2 Stage Kali


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