Things I hate about Windows 11 so far

Should you update to Windows 11 or wait? I updated from Windows 10 and now here are the things I hate about it so far.
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I caught into the hype of Windows 11 and updated my PC from Windows 10. Now I kinda miss some of the useful features of Windows 10 that they removed. Here are just some of the things I hate about Windows 11.

You can’t see folder file previews

No folder file preview

In Windows 11, all the folders look like this. You can’t see a preview of what’s inside the folder. Why would they remove this amazing feature? I organize a lot of files and sometimes I can easily drag and drop files to folders that I need just by looking at the preview. Now it’s extra confusing.

You can’t refresh inside folders

No refresh button

When you have lots of media files, sometimes it doesn’t automatically update the thumbnails or arrangements, even after you change the sorting. That’s when you can use refresh and everything will load again. But this time, they removed it when you’re inside the folder. When you right click, you now have to click “Show more options” to see the previews right click menu. Very inconvenient.

You can’t drag files to programs or folders

No more drag and drop to opened programs

Why would they do this? This is one of the useful things people are using when editing pictures, videos, etc. Now when I want to add files on Photoshop for example, I have to move the Photoshop’s window to the side just so I can drag and drop the image I want to add.

You can’t group start menu items

You can’t group items in Start Menu anymore

Before updating to Windows 11, I have a lot of grouped folders and apps in my Windows 10 start menu. Now they’re all gone. I had to pin to start some of the programs I was using and not be able to group them. Please bring the ability to organize and group start menu items.

And one last thing, Windows 11 file explorer randomly freezes and crash when you right click inside any folder. The start menu search sometimes won’t show any results. I’m sure there are a lot of things I haven’t experienced yet, and since Windows 11 is still new, this was kinda expected. But still, if you don’t have to update to Windows 11 right now if you don’t want to lose some of these features.


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So I tried Windows 11 myself and while its a nice user interface change. I feel like I am doing extra steps just to do tasks vs on Windows 10. It also seems slower on my cheap Athlon 3050u duel core then on Windows 10 with more choppy scrolling in Edge and opening and closing apps pause at times.
So much for all my hardware being Windows 11 approved. Yeah, the L3 Cache is also affecting this Athlon a Zen CPU with only two cores. But I got that L3 fix today and haven’t noticed any improvement. Battery life also terrible even doing a clean install. Not at all impressed, going back to Windows 10.

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