Soulcalibur VI All Character’s Critical Edge

Soulcalibur VI All Character’s Critical Edge List

00:10 – Ivy (Guilty Throne)
00:22 – Amy (Aléa Rouge)
00:33 – Amy (Aléa Rouge Red Rose Perception)
00:43 – Amy (Aléa Blanc)
00:53 – Amy (Aléa Blanc White Rose Perception)
01:05 – Amy (Rose Mystique Purple Rose Perception)
01:17 – 2B (Suppression: Extermination Gambit)
01:30 – 2B (Limiter Release: Self-Destruct)
01:50 – Cassandra (Shield Super Nova)
02:00 – Cassandra (Shield Big Bang)
02:12 – Sophitia (Providential Thunder)
02:23 – Seong Mi-na (New Seong Style: Scarlet Meteor)
02:33 – Tira (Jolly – Bleak Concerto)
02:40 – Tira (Gloomy – Bleak Concerto Finale)
02:51 – Taki (Fu-Ma Seal, Fatal Violet)
03:02 – Talim (Blade Cyclone)
03:13 – Xianghua (Sublimating Blade)
03:23 – Siegfried (Deep Scar)
03:34 – Nightmare (Dark Reconquista)
03:46 – Raphael (Royal Poison)
03:56 – Astaroth (Final Anguish)
04:07 – Azwel (From Science, with Love)
04:17 – Azwel (I Shall Save Humanity!)
04:37 – Kilik (Ling-Sheng Su Phoenix Loop)
04:46 – Kilik (Forbidden Moonset)
05:02 – Cervantes (Casa de Leviathian)
05:13 – Geralt (Hunt of the White Wolf)
05:23 – Grøh (Chevalier Mai Fet)
05:34 – Maxi (Raging Dragon Zodiac)
05:44 – Mitsurugi (Thunderbolt Blade)
05:53 – Yoshimitsu (Ghost Thief Funeral)
06:03 – Zasalamel (The Voice from the Abyss)
06:15 – Voldo (Downward Spiral)

Critical Edge in Soulcalibur VI
– Critical Edge returns in Soulcalibur VI, remaining unchanged. However, it is now activated by just inputting A+B+K instead of 236236A+B+K (two quarter-circles forward, A+B+K). It is also known that Critical Edge deals more damage when the user has low health. #SoulcaliburVI #CriticalEdge

Critical Edge is the name given to attacks used by all Standard Characters (and Soul Edge) characters in Soul Edge (Soul Blade). It is instigated by pressing all three attack buttons simultaneously, and if successful the player’s character will do a single attack that will see their weapon engulf in a flash of light – if the attack hits the opponent, the character will automatically unleash a series of attacks against the opponent. During this time, the player is able to enter a command (unique to each character) which will cause the character to unleash even more attacks while in this state.

Using the Critical Edge has a disadvantageous side effect however; it drains the power of the character’s weapon, and can usually only be used thrice (this differs depending on the weapon’s current state). However there are some weapons with the ability to recover over time, making this less of a problem.

Mitsurugi and Taki both have stages in their Edge Master Mode where they have to use a “perfect” Critical Edge to defeat their opponents – this means that simply using the “easy” Critical Edge (i.e. simply pressing all attack buttons) will not be enough, so the player must learn the correct command for both characters.

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Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Spyro the Dragon – Artisans World

The Artisans Homeworld is Spyro’s lush, green homeworld. The residents pride themselves in their homes, which is a vast meadow of healthy green grass, several tall trees, and gentle waterfalls feeding into many different ponds in the area. Statues and intricate portals dot the landscape, as well as some marble hallways running through the tall hills. Homes here are made up of small castles, large stone buildings, and the occasional high towers. Flower gardens can be found among the gem-encrusted stone walls, as well as within a few private meadows. Up above, the sky is always blue with a small bit of pink on the horizon.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Spyro the Dragon – Stone Hill

Stone Hill is a peaceful, sunny countryside realm surrounded by green, rolling hills on three sides, with a bluish sea on the fourth side. A perfect blue sky arches overhead and white clouds mingle on the horizon. The realm contains two large areas, each with grassy knolls surrounded by a stone wall with simple fountains and stubby stone towers.

An archway leads to the tunnel that connects the two areas. In the first area, there is a dried-up well with a dragon, Gavin, several gems, and a Locked Chest at the bottom. The key is hidden in a cave in a secret coastal area. In the center of the second area, there is a tower that Spyro can glide from to reach the upper hills that surround the two main enclosed areas.

The terrain here is even more hilly, with wispy, round trees and a blue egg thief. Large stone pillars mark the boundaries of the realm, and if Spyro tries to pass between them, he runs into an invisible wall. A main castle lies on the edge of the realm, right on the coast. Spyro can access the inside of the castle from the first grassy area, and can explore the top of the castle from the upper hills.


Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Spyro the Dragon – Dark Hollow

Dark Hollow is a mysterious and dreamy realm, set late at night under a starry, deep-colored sky with clouds on the horizon illuminated softly by a rising moon. It has some stone structures similar in appearance to Stone Hill. The realm is characterized by hopping, croaking frogs, grassy stone platforms, steps, and lanterns emitting a warm glow.

There is a checkered-floor tunnel hidden underground, which is patrolled by Gnorc Sentries. It leads to a round, stone room with platforms and a pool of murky, indigo water illuminated from beneath. The key to the Locked Chest from the central platform is in this room.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Spyro the Dragon – Town Square

Town Square is a small Tuscan-inspired town settled on a large island in the middle of a blue lake. The town has plenty of buildings that serve all sorts of needs, such as stores, housing, schools, and other necessities.

Courtyard fountains are spread across the island, as well as ivy growing along the walls and cliffs that manage to poke between the buildings. The sky is pure purple with clouds of orange. Alvar nearly had a fit when he saw the thieves make off with the eggs.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Spyro the Dragon – Sunny Flight

Sunny Flight, as its name implies, is a realm filled with sunlight in a mid-summer setting. The world itself consists of a series of train tracks going over, around, and through a hilly, green island which is littered with clusters of large, blue crystals and surrounded by tranquil water. There are distant, rainy-blue mountains seen in the background.

Trains puff around on the tracks, each containing two explosive barrels with targets painted on their sides. Pilots in single-propeller planes encircle a tower in the water on which a giant, luminescent green gem rests. A tunnel lit by blue crystals protruding through the walls leads to an outcropping at the center of which a large purple crystal cluster stands, illuminating the walls with a lavender hue under a similarly colored sky and an enormous, peaceful crescent moon.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Spyro the Dragon – Toasty

The shepherds from Stone Hill return in Toasty, this time with dogs instead of rams. The dogs pounce on Spyro should he get to close to them or flame them. Before you encounter Toasty, Nevin tells you that Gnasty Gnorc put one of his most devious henchmen in charge, hinting that the dragons don’t know that Toasty is in fact a sheep.

It is unknown why a sheep would attack a dragon, but it is believed that they are seeking revenge on them since they have served as fodder for the dragons for so long. It is possible that Toasty defected to Gnasty’s side due to the dragon’s cruel treatment to the flock of sheep that live in Artisans, or because Sparx, Spyro’s sidekick, needs butterflies to survive (which can be found after killing sheep and other animals).