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Family Guy as an 80’s Sitcom

What if Family Guy was created in the 80’s? What would they look like? Here’s a funny and creepy pictures of the Griffins!

We must come together

Remember the Trump I’m Gonna Come meme? Now Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders joins the party! They can all come together now.

Full Stop Punctuation Meme

Know your meme! So what is a Full Stop Punctuation and why did it become a meme? Read more about Full Stop Punctuation.

husbant, now we are homeress meme

Mogusa Shirose is your waifu… you are husbant… You buy too much video gamu no jobbu. Hasubant, now we are homeress.

Teletubbies is AMONG US?

If you remove the heads of the Teletubbies, they look like characters from Among US! Maybe there’s a backstory behind it?

God, please Roblox World

Babies can now wish for a world they wanted to be born into by just asking God! Will the baby actually get what they actually wanted?