Top 10 Weird Coouge Videos

Top 10 random bizarre videos from Coouge. They're all random, so pick one that suits your state of mind.
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Have you visited our YouTube channel by chance? Fear not! You’re not alone. People from all over the world found our channel by luck, either through YouTube recommendation or just a random coincidences. Here’s a random top 10 videos in our channel that you may find weird.

1 • Cat watching Donald Trump on TV

Cat Watching Donald Trump Rally

Our cat Zayne is watching the President of the United States give speech during his rally.

2 • Did this really happen in Zelda?

Zelda Breath of the Wild Funny Conversation

When you play Zelda Breath of the Wild, you will encounter this man who speaks seductively to Link.

3 • Tekken’s Alisa Bosconovitch joins GTA San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas feat. Alisa Bosconovitch

Alisa has grown tired of fighting in the tournament, so she went to the hood of San Andreas to test her skills.

4 • Orange Guy

Orange Guy

While driving around Canada, we found this weird orange guy at the corner of the street. How much is he paid?

5 • Vancouver Street Performers

Street Performers

Some people have enough confidence to do something like this. This is a skill that can make you money when recession hits. You can make people laugh, have fun and make money at the same time.

6 • Funny Xenoblade Character

Kora Xenoblade 2 Merc

This Xenoblade character talks a lot for a long time when you get her. She also comes with a big package.

7 • Funnies dog in Vancouver

Dog Screams Like A Human

This dog barked and run in to shoo away a flock of pigeons and it screamed and sounded like a human. What’s with that voice?

8 • People training their dogs, but

Barking at our neighbor prank!

They look like they’re training their dog to stay with them and sit, so we tried putting it to the test. They look like they’re having fun. “It’s a prank dude!” – Coouge

9 • Prank Call

Judge Judy Prank Calls Panago Pizza

Judge Judy (Soundboard) called Panago to order some pizza, but she’s not in a good mood that day.

10 • The Funny Cat video

Funny Cat

A bizarre short video that will totally make you laugh. Just stare at the cat and he will surprise you.


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