Using Covid-19 Rapid Test Device by Rapid Response

You can now easily get tested for Covid-19 in the comfort of your home. Just go to your nearest pharmacy and ask for the rapid test kit.
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A few days ago, we all felt sick with flu-like symptoms. So we have decided to go to our local pharmacy and try the new covid test kit. They give it for free, but call your local pharmacy before you go just to make sure it’s available. The test kit is in a green box, but there could be other colours from different brands.

Rapid Response COVID-19 Antigen Test Device

When you open the box, you will get a product insert (manual), a reference sheet / procedure card, 5 test devices, 5 extraction tubes, 5 swabs, 5 extraction buffers, 5 nozzle filters and a tube stand.

Kit Content

Here are some pictures of the package insert.

For our test, we followed the procedure card. It’s simple and very easy to understand.

Rapid Response Procedure Card for COVID-19 Antigen Rapide Test Device

Place the tube stand on a flat surface and get one tube to start.

Tube Stand

Open one extraction buffer and add 10 drops into the tube.

Extraction Buffer
Mix the extraction buffer bottle

Open one swab and follow the instructions carefully. We actually struggled to do this part as we get really sneezy the moment we insert the swab into our noses. When you’re done, swirl the swab into the tube. Mix it properly to make sure it’s in there.

Swirl Swab

When you’re finished, attach the tube nozzle and open one pack of the rapid response cassette.

Tube Nozzle
Attach nozzle
Rapid Response Cassette
Antigen Test Device

Add 3 drops into the cassette well just above the letter S with 3 drop icons and then wait for 15 minutes.

Result Interpretation

Check your result by comparing the lines in the cassette to the results interpretation section of the procedure card. And you’re done. If you don’t trust the result or have doubts, you can retry again or you can try getting tested in person.


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