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White Pine Beach in Port Moody, British Columbia

Escape to White Pine Beach at Sasamat Lake – Your perfect summer getaway with stunning views, clean waters, and endless fun!
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If you’re up for an awesome summer getaway in Vancouver, look no further than White Pine Beach in Port Moody! This place has it all to make your day in the sun absolutely epic. From hiking and swimming to stunning views and picnics, White Pine Beach has got something for everyone.

Sasamat Lake Trail

Oh, and don’t forget the cool kayak rentals at Belcarra Pier for a splash-tastic time on Sasamat Lake!

Sasamat Lake

White Pine Beach hugs the beautiful Sasamat Lake at Belcarra Regional Park in Port Moody, BC. It’s a breeze to get there, as the beach is just a hop away from the parking area. You can beat the summer heat by diving into the clear waters of Sasamat Lake and its sandy beach is perfect for families with little ones.

Belcarra Regional Park

Surrounding the lake, there’s a neat trail for a leisurely walk after your refreshing swim. You’ll soak in breathtaking lake views and lush greenery along the way. Remember to slather on some sunscreen or tanning oil to bask safely in the warm sun.

One thing that stands out about Sasamat Lake is its incredible cleanliness. The water here is pure and pollution-free, making it a haven for swimming and water activities.

Swimming at White Pine Beach
Fishing at Sasamat Lake

You can frolic around in the shallows or venture out further without any worries, knowing you’re surrounded by nature’s pristine beauty. And the warm water temperature is just icing on the cake for a perfect lake day!

White Pine Beach Picnic Area
White Pine Beach Public Bathroom

If you’re planning a weekend visit to White Pine Beach in summer, brace yourself for a lively atmosphere and high-energy vibes! This place has gained quite the popularity among locals and tourists, and it can get pretty busy, especially on sunny weekends. To have the best time, aim to arrive early to snag parking and a prime spot on the beach.

White Pine Beach Parking
White Pine Beach Paid Parking

Finding parking at White Pine Beach can be a bit of a hassle, especially during peak times. Skip the stress and opt for public transport—it’s a breeze and wallet-friendly! The bus will drop you right by the beach, so you can start your beach day without any parking worries.

White Pine Beach Bus Stop

White Pine Beach has got your back when it comes to comfort. You’ll find well-maintained and tidy public washrooms that are super easy to access. Having these facilities around adds to the overall convenience, making it a perfect spot for families and anyone planning a whole day of beach fun.

Sasamat Lake Foot Bridge

White Pine Beach at Sasamat Lake in Port Moody is THE spot to be this summer! With its stunning surroundings, crystal-clear waters, and loads of activities for all ages, it’s an unforgettable experience waiting to happen. Whether you’re hiking, swimming, kayaking, or simply lazing on the sandy beach, White Pine Beach has something special for everyone. Grab your sunscreen, round up your crew, and get ready to make awesome memories at this summer paradise!

Hiking at Sasamat Lake in Belcarra (White Pine Beach)

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