Popeyes Chicken Nuggets is finally in Canada and it’s so delicious!

Wow this must be the most delicious fried chicken ever! Their chicken nuggets taste like their chicken sandwich. Now we know why it's so popular. It's just so good!
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Popeyes chicken nuggets must be the best chicken nuggets out there. It doesn’t taste like processed chicken meat like McDonalds and KFC.

Popeyes chicken nuggets taste like real fresh chicken and the seasoning they marinated it is unforgettable. The flavor goes through the meat and that’s what makes it so good. Even without the dipping sauce, it’s pretty good.

Popeyes Chicken Nuggets in-store poster

When we heard about their Chicken Sandwich, we thought it was only popular because of the media hype. We didn’t actually think it will be really delicious. We used to love KFC’s fried chicken and their sandwiches, however it seems like they don’t care about their restaurants anymore. Almost all their locations here in Canada are outdated and old. And the last time we ate there it was a fail. The oil that they used for their fried chicken was old and burnt. It made the chicken taste like burnt gasoline. Worst taste in the world and probably the last time we went back to KFC.

Popeyes Chicken Nuggets

Now that Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is in Canada, there’s an alternative for all the fried chicken lovers out there.

Their chicken sandwich, fries, nuggets and even their dipping sauce are much superior than KFC. Their restaurants are also super clean, smells nice and very welcoming. As much as I love KFC, I think they need to catch up with the times and upgrade their restaurants, always make sure it’s clean inside and out, don’t burn the oil and keep your customers happy.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Port Coquitlam location

You can watch our trip to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Port Coquitlam location in the video below


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